Residential Roof Replacement

Looking for a reliable roofing company in Bucks County? Master Star is here to help!

We are committed to providing quality materials and roofing services at affordable prices, all within a timely manner. Our hardworking team of roofing contractors are ready to take on the job in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Mercer County, and throughout the greater Philadelphia area..

We make sure to keep in contact with you before, during, and after any project so you know exactly what’s going on.

Types of Roofs

We offer a variety of materials and styles


One of the more popular options. it's versatile, durable, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of colors.


This gives your home a more rustic feel. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors


Durable and long-lasting, this roofing type can give your home added character


Although more expensive, it can last for decades before signs of wear appear


This roofing style is very durable while also greatly enhancing your home's exterior

Roof Leak Repairs

After a rough storm, losing shingles from your roof is not uncommon. Other issues may arise after fallen limbs, strong winds, or other natural occurrences. We provide roofing repairs just for these types of situations.

This includes shingle replacement, routine maintenance, and fixing insulation issues.


If you suspect your roof is not up to standard, call us for a roofing inspection. We’ll identify the problem and explain what exactly needs to be done in order to fix the problem.

Don’t wait – call today before it becomes a larger and more expensive issue!

Storm Damage Roof Repair

When nature takes its toll on your home, it can be devastating. Master Star is here to repair any issues your roof may have. Whether it be storm or wind damage, fallen tree limbs, or just signs of age, we’ll be there to fix it.

We also offer underlayment to create an insulated barrier between the shingles and the roof sheathing. This can help protect against the elements and reduce the risk of leaks that could potentially harm your home.

Our Process

We always make sure to keep you updated throughout the whole project

Customer Service

We meet with you to discuss price and an approximate timeframe


We purchase the necessary materials for the project and keep you updated on scheduling


We regularly check the forecast to ensure the best days for installations or repairs


We prep the site, remove existing materials, and also inspect the decking


Install all the necessary materials - underlay, weather protection layers, new shingles, ventilation, and flashing


We finish the job by doing a thorough cleanup for the whole site

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